The Morning Star Memory Care Program

Our Community offers a unique lifestyle choice where the amenities and services you need are available to you. Our experience has proven that this approach allows you to have the greatest opportunity to succeed in maintaining control of your environment and yourself. For this reason, our Community is the correct choice for people, who like you, value this opportunity. In this way, you experience the true meaning of staying in charge of your life, not as a passive activity of staying rooted in the past and denying future frailties as they occur, but rather by maintaining your personal dignity in an environment that is particularly designed to accomplish this most successfully.

We are committed to our unique niche of serving individuals and families, like you, who have the personal self-confidence to understand and honestly confront their limitations, as well as their strengths and capabilities, and to make decisions about their own personal well-being that can realistically be accomplished within the choices made available at our Community.

Morning Star Memory Care is our unique philosophy of care. It was developed to offer a distinctive lifestyle choice to our residents and families, one that builds upon a resident’s life experience to take on the challenges of memory loss in a positive way.

Morning Star Memory Care focuses both your efforts and ours to enhance your potential for meaning while maximizing independence. It also is adhered to though increased interaction and a more personalized relationship between you, our staff and your family.

Covered porch and secure walking area at Morning Star Memory Care in the Texas Hill Country at Fredericksburg, TX.It is “Resident Centered” because your skills, interests and needs dominate the decision-making about and implementation of the role of your caregivers in their interaction with you. In this way, a partnership develops between you, your caregivers and your family. The “Care” component is helpful in nature, however, it does not foster unnecessary dependency on your part. It is care that is whole-person oriented and intentionally does not fragment services to you into categories that would be convenient for our staff but would ignore your individuality.

Morning Star Memory Care also emphasizes a symmetry in the relationship between you, your family and our staff. This symmetry means that our staff interacts with you on an equal basis as contrasted with the traditional staff-resident interaction where the staff member initiates, controls and terminates interactions with a Resident. We recognize that, in the absence of a symmetrical relationship, loss will be accelerated and you will become unnecessarily dependent and passive and will exhibit such behavior as increasing dependencies, accelerated loss of decision-making skills, cognitive diminishment, loss of verbal and other social skills, isolationism, regression and withdrawal. Instead, the symmetrical relationship established between you, our staff and your family is a helping, not a controlling one.

Our staff also benefits from Morning Star Memory Care because the increased personal satisfaction they experience from their heightened interaction and more personalized relationship with you and your family. This improves staff attitude, and very importantly, increases the expectations of staff concerning your capabilities and potential.

Morning Star Memory Care is organized so that specific staff are assigned to you on a consistent basis. This is done with the goal of initiating and maintaining continuity, accountability, and a whole-person perspective in interactions between you and our staff. For this reason, we do not allow pool or staff from temporary agencies to fill in or replace the staff members who you and your family know and who understand and care about you.

Common area at Morning Star Memory Care in Fredericksburg, TX.To further promote the integrity of the whole-person perspective of Morning Star Memory Care, the caregivers on our staff have weekly meetings where they focus on identifying and implementing activities that will help you and other Residents feel at home in our Community as well as activities that are designed to minimize dependency when you experience health challenges (“Adaptive Activities”) and activities that contribute to your individuality and personal interests (“Interests Groups”).

The goal of Adaptive Activities is to support your continued involvement, personal identity and your sense of belonging. Adaptive Activities include interventions for your body and mind and involve a full spectrum of physical, occupational, motivational and rehabilitative therapies, as well as opportunities for increased socialization and enhancement by your involvement in art, music, dance and exercise groups.

By your participating in Interest Groups, our staff, other Residents or Resident family members, you have the opportunity to pursue life-long interests as well as to identify and develop potential, to learn to express your individual abilities and skills and, most importantly, for you to participate and share with other Residents. While Interests Groups may have scheduled times when they meet, they also are sometimes impromptu to take advantage of a free moment of one of our staff to share with you such activities as viewing the gathering of birds in early morning or a quiet time when a little activity, exercise or socialization would nurture your spirit.

Carryover Programming is another unique and valuable component of Resident Centered Care. Carryover Programming takes selected aspects of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy and incorporates them into your daily activities as follow-up and as an enjoyable way to improve your capabilities.

Morning Star Memory Care not only is there for you and your family when you face escalating health challenges, it also provides a seamless transition to end of life care. With Morning Star Memory Care, you continue to live your life to the fullest with a strong sense of belonging to a Community where the staff and Residents know and care about you and where the emphasis will remain on respect for your personal identity and dignity.

We are pleased to offer you our distinctive Morning Star Memory Care. We believe Morning Star Memory Care provides you the optimal opportunity to actuate your potential for independence, to enhance your individual capabilities and interests, and to preserve your individuality.